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Indicas with 12+ Weeks of Flowering

Aug 09 2013

Hello & satisfactory evening. I have been searching around for Indicas that have a flowering time of 12 weeks or more. I know most Indicas complete within 8-10 weeks yet I haven’t found any that take longer than 12+ weeks such as a Sativa. Does anyone know of any satisfactory Indicas that can be grown along with pure Sativas? Total time differences from Indicas & Sativas is 4-8 weeks. Would it be best to harvest a 10 week Indica then for the finally 6 weeks of the Sativa to continue filling out the missing spot? In that 6 weeks will the Sativa really fill in a 2×3 ft square in a SCORG system? Since a Sativa takes 20+ weeks of total growth should I use bigger smart pots than the normal 5 gallon ones? I have seen people using 20 gallon pots. Figured the pros at Rollitup will know for sure. Anything else special I should know approximately Sativas? I’ve heard Sativas like full spectrum lights more. Planing to add supplemental LED lighting this grow. Hopefully someone will come through with a long flowering Indica though =D.

Sativa will be either Aces Golden Tiger, Aces Malawi Or Aces Lao Sativa. Have yet to hear much approximately the Lao Sativa. Any reports would be helpful, presh. Be safe & live life.

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